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Упражнения Present Simple Present Continuous

Present Simple и Present Continuous — одни из наиболее простых в образовании и использовании времена в английском языке. В речи нужно различать случаи их употребления. Так, Simple используется для того, чтобы сказать о чем-то в общем или описать события, которые повторяются. Continuous же используется для того, чтобы сказать о том, что происходит в конкретный момент речи.  Для того чтобы правильно использовать эти два времени, необходимо немного потренироваться.

Present Simple Present Continuous. Упражнение 1

Чтобы его выполнить, вам нужно определить, правильно ли употребление времен в предложениях, и исправить те предложения, которые написаны с ошибками.


I don’t know your name. – RIGHT.

Please don’t bother me. I do my homework. – WRONG. – I’m doing my homework.

  1. Look, guys! The boy is climbing that wall out there.
  2. Can you see those people? What do they do now?
  3. Is he believing in Paradise?
  4. The Earth goes round the Sun.
  5. Look! That thief tries to open the window of your flat.
  6. I’m thinking it would be great to stay there.
  7. I’m usually walking in the evening.
  8. The government of our country is worried because the number of unemployed people is increasing.
  9. The population of the world rise very fast.
  10. Where is Kate? – She has a bath.
  11. My brother is getting up at six o’clock every day.
  12. Michael is working in a shop. Barry is working in a bank.

Present Simple Present Continuous. Упражнение 2

Поставьте глагол в правильную форму.


Please don’t bother me. I’m studying (study).

I usually go to work by car (go).

  1. Hurry! The train … (come). I … (not/plan) to miss it.
  2. The river Dnepr … (flow) into the Black Sea.
  3. The river … (flow) very slow today slower than usual.
  4. … (it/ever/snow) in Hawaii?
  5. Can you speak English? – No, but I … (learn). My schoolmate … (teach me).
  6. Usually we … (grow) berries in our kitchen garden but this year we … (grow) vegetables.
  7. You can borrow my bicycle. I … (not/need) it at the moment.
  8. John says he’s sixteen years old but we … (not/believe) him.
  9. Usually I … (enjoy) meetings with friends but I … (enjoy) this meeting very much.
  10. Catherine is in Paris at the moment. She … (stay) at her friends. She usually … (stay) at her friends when she’s in Paris.
  11. At this moment she … (stay) with her brother until she finds a flat to rent.
  12. His father … (live) in London. He moved there long time ago. And where … (your father/live)?
  13. What … (your grandmother/do)? – She’s a nurse, but she … (not/work) at the moment.



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