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Упражнения Future Simple

Future Simple – одно из наиболее распространенных грамматических времен в английском языке. Оно используется для передачи действий, которые произойдут в будущем времени. Future Simple имеет две формы – ‘will’ и ‘going to’, в некоторых случаях они взаимозаменяемы, в некоторых – нет.

Future Simple. Упражнение 1

В данном упражнении нужно заполнить пропуски глаголами в скобках, предварительно поставив их в нужную временную форму Future Simple (will или going to).

  1. Why are you holding thus sheet of paper? – I … (to write) a note to my best friend.
  2. I’m almost about to fall asleep. What should I do to wake up? – I … (to get) you a cup of coffee.
  3. I can’t hear the radio. – Jack … (to turn) it up so you can hear it.
  4. They are so excited about their visit to the USA next month. They … (to visit) Los Angeles, New York and Washington.
  5. Peter … (to come) to the party. Nick … (to be) there as well.
  6. Grace: It is so cold in here. Jacob: I … (to turn) the air heater on.
  7. We think he … (to be) the next Prime Minister of Great Britain.
  8. After she graduate, Christen … (to attend) school of medicine and … (to become) a doctor. She has wanted to be a doctor all her life.
  9. I need to talk to somebody about our room in the hotel. I am afraid it is just too large for two people. – See that man at the counter? He … (to help) you.
  10. As soon as the weather gets better, they … (to walk) down to the sandy beach and go sunbathe.

Future Simple. Упражнение 2

Используя указанные в скобках глаголы, заполните пропуски в диалогах, предварительно поставив глаголы в подходящую форму будущего времени (Future Simple).

1. Jack: What are you doing with scissors?

Kate: I … (cut) that photo of the pretty cat out of the animal magazine.

Jack: What … (you/to do) with this picture?

Kate: I … (to paint) a picture of animal for my art class, so I … (to use) it as a model.

2. Peter: … (you/to do) me a favor, Jacob?

Jacob: Of course. What do you want me to do?

Peter: I … (to paint) the ceiling in my garage. I need somebody to hold the ladder while I am up there.

Jacob: OK. I … (to do) it for you, Peter.

3. Christina: Where are you going?

Sam: I … (to go) to the market to pick up some veggies.

Christina: What … (you/to get)?

Sam: I … (to buy) tomatoes, bell pepper, some garlic.

4. Jeremy: Wow, it’s really hot out there.

Heather: I … (to make) some lemonade to cool us up. Do you want an ice-cream as well?

Jeremy: Lemonade sounds great! But I … (to have) lunch with my parents later, so I’d better skip the ice-cream.

Heather: I … (to go) to lunch later too, but I’m having the ice-cream anyway.

5. Greg: I heard you’re taking a German class at the community college.

Susan: Yes, I … (to go) to Frankfurt next autumn and I thought speaking a little German would make my journey easier.

Greg: I … (to visit) my grandmother in Venice next year. Maybe I should take an Italian class.

Susan: I’ve got a catalog of courses at home. I … (to take) it with me next time to show you.



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