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Достопримечательности Англии на английском языке

Задание на описание достопримечательностей Англии на английском языке есть практически во всех экзаменационных билетах. Достопримечательностей Англии большое множество, при рассказе достаточно описать самые выдающиеся их них. В этом вам поможет представленный ниже текст на английском языке о достопримечательностях Англии.

Attractions in England

Stonehenge (достопримечательность Англии Стоунхендж)

Stonehenge (Стоунхендж) фото

Stonehenge is one of the most known attractions in England, being at the same time one of the earliest prehistoric European monuments. It was built on the Salisbury plain in 3000 BC and till now there only guesses, who and how created Stonehenge.

Westminster Abbey (Вестминстерское Аббатство)

Westminster Abbey (Вестминстерское Аббатство) фото

Westminster Abbey is a place where Queens and Kings are married and crowned, famous English personalities are commemorated or buried. For English people Westminster Abbey is a great symbol of their country and it is really worth visiting. The memorials and the tombs comprise the most significant collection of monumental sculpture in the UK. This important Gothic building has served the people of England for more than a thousand years.

Tintagel Castle (достопримечательность Англии замок Тинтагель)

Tintagel Castle (замок Тинтагель) фото

Visiting England you can’t see the Tintagel Castle, but only its ruins. This castle was built around 1240 year by Earl Richard of Cornwall. Now its ruins overlook the ocean sitting atop a high slate cliff. At the foot of the castle a beach lies, giving entrance to Merlin’s Cave underneath the rock wall. Tintagel Castle and its ruins are surrounded by the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Hadrian’s Wall (достопримечательность Англии Вал Адриана)

Hadrian's Wall (Вал Адриана) фото

Hadrian’s Wall building began in 120 AD. It reaches from the sea to the sea for 73 miles (almost 117 kilometers) across the northern England. The wall was commissioned as a boundary of the Roman Empire by Emperor Hadrian. At five-mile intervals across the entire expanse forts were built. Owner of the wall now is National Trust Hadrian’s Wall is in still good condition.

Bath Spa (Бат Спа)

Bath Spa (Бат Спа) фото

Bath is a city named after the Roman baths built over hot natural springs in the I century AD. Many baths are in ruins still the visitors can acquire an appreciation for engineering of Romans. The city of Bath is famous for its wonderful Gothic and Roman architecture; its streets are full of talented artists and talented performers. Jane Austen Center, Bath Abbey, Royal Crescent and Pulteney Bridge are accessible for visiting.

Warwick Castle (достопримечательность Англии Уорикский замок)

Warwick Castle (Уорикский замок) фото

Warwick Castle is a monument of British history that is beautifully preserved. It is one of the most visited sights of England. The construction of the castle gradually changed from wood to stone throughout time. If you visit this castle, you can see ramparts and towers, the great hall, dungeons, Caesar’s Tower, state rooms, displays of armor and the gatehouse.



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